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Portmeirion. Vale of Ffestiniog



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Just as Snowdonia is another world so is Portmeirion with its cheery pastel colours set against craggy rocks and the rise and fall of the tide over miles of sandy expanse. For many it’s a shrine to the TV series The Prisoner, recognisable over 40 years since the last episode. White-edged blazers, as worn by Patrick McGoohan, are on sale at No 6!

To slowly walk around the many footpaths and the village is like being on a journey of discovery, little quirks and oddities at every turn. Man-made structures jutting out from rocks or built around the trunks and roots of trees – despite being so bizarre it all fits in.

Sound travels far across the flat waters of the estuary and the background rumble of distant breakers floats in on the westerly breeze. The warming effect of the gulf stream is very evident along this coastal strip with luxuriant, almost tropical plantlife – cocktails beneath a palm tree on a balmy summer’s eve with the sound of chirping crickets and the fresh smell of the sea.

Many people choose Portmeirion for their wedding and it makes a great special break whatever the occasion. As well as posh hotels there are self catering options to choose from or a day trip – just a mile’s walk from the Ffestiniog Railway or a bus ride from Porthmadog. If you’re in a rush they do have a heliport.

Written by Huw Jenkins